Queer Fanfiction: Changing The Hetero Narrative Of Pop Culture

Queer Fanfiction: Changing The Hetero Narrative Of Pop Culture

Welcome to my blog of fanfiction, anime, games, funnies, and If you have similar interests, please do send me a message so that we might chat over such fantabulous subjects. We’re all mad here. Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. There she was, proud, beautiful, and strong – so much stronger than she was a few years ago. She was bent over a patient, pointing and shouting out orders to another medic with one hand while the other was spread over the broken body, green essence seeping into the wound.

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Post with notes. Pairing: Larry Stylinson Word count: 11 Warnings: just a tad of harmless angst , nothing too serious though; however, very detailed and graphic love making at some later point in the story I feel obliged to inform the minors amongst you that, legally, this story is not suited for your age, I will however admit that I read my first explicit fanfic at the age of 15 and all it ever did was improve my English.

I own neither Larry Stylinson nor Stan, nor do I mean to discredit them in any way. Harry had always been an affectionate person. Some found it weird, but he had never felt the urge to change it.

Marvelously Magical Fanfiction Darcy Lewis and the Matchmaking Mineral Author: EliMorgan Rated G Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Charlie Weasley.

Sophie ran out of the matchmaking building, past Grady and Edaline, and into the big open streets, tears pricking her eyes. Grady, Edaline, and the two matchmakers called her name, but she kept running. Sophie looked up at the glowing gates towering over her. But she wasn’t there to talk to Fitz. The gates swung open and Biana grabbed her arm, leading her inside. Sophie looked down.

Have you told Fitz yet? Fitz’s imparter buzzed, and Biana’s face appeared. She told you, right? Anyways, she really likes Jacob. She’s, like, in love with him, and he really comforts her. Gotta go, bye! Who was Jacob?


So I’m breaking away from my usual topic for Kotlc, so this time it’s about Sophie and matchmaking! I hope you guys like it, and let me know if you want more animal or elf stories! Sophie Foster ducked as a flaming sphere of Everblaze flew at her head. They’d almost won the final fight with the Neverseen, the one that could change….

Fan fiction-driven matchmaking has been around for longer than people have used the term “shipping. a number of international locations get employed to kill.

Molly thinks she and Sherlock are sleeping with each other with no string attached while Sherlock thinks they are in a relationship. Now, She is pregnant with his child. The Matchmakers -In which both Janine and Tom plays the matchmaker and fall in love with each other in the process. Two or three shot, mini fic. Slip Of Tongue -Prompt fill, one shot. The Accidental Proposal -Based on a tumblr prompt from as-sane-as-avenging-Sherlock. Only for you -Tumblr prompt fill, one shot. So he tries to compensate her.

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So, I recently changed my mind about the endgame of this fanfiction, and I’m adding in some in-between chapters. While I’m writing I decided to go back through and edit the old chapters I had in here. So, here is the first updated chapter.

Matchmaking: Solo – Warframe Lewd Fanfic electronicroboticcutie: “A gay request i had for a while now:3 Shorter than what i normally do but.

Time travel to make things right. Honestly, our fans are so sharp I think they caught almost everything. Plot vehicles are harder for me Matchmaking fanfiction write than plot destinations as described above. So maybe all that will give you some insight as to how somethings come out like they do and others don’t. In fact, when Fudge is forced to resign, Lucius Malfoy, of all people, becomes the new Minister, and actually repeals most of Fudge’s totalitarian laws in order to throw off suspicion that he is actually a Death Eater.

Harry Potter without its James and the Giant Peach derivative plot is Some story threads took multiple books to pay off, like who the missing wedding party ended up being. He’d started out as a high-profile jewel thief. Unsurprisingly, he’s the last to know.

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While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I couldn’t think of a title that wasn’t “I’m doing AUgust with Sherlolly” so I opted for one that is arguably even cringier.

(Reign Modern AU) Mary Stuart is the daughter of the Queen of Scotland, the ‘​second born’, with an older brother who is the heir to the throne.

X “Oh come on, why so secretive? The two former kunoichi singletons had spent the evening at Kushina’s home, just chatting and sharing a bottle, well a few of sake, until the discussion had somehow turned to sex It was a forbidden topic considering the fact that both women were widows with chequered pasts in regards to their love lives. Left to go home alone, Tsunade mentally chastised herself along the way for her erratic behaviour.

The truth is, Tsunade and this was no secret had long admired Kushina’s son, Naruto. It had just happened after Naruto had comforted her one night, after Jiraiya had passed away. Tsunade didn’t want to think about it if she did. The real problem though lay with Tsunade’s latest fantasies. Anyway this particular fantasy was a little different. In it, she imagined Naruto and Kushina as lovers.

The vision in Tsunade’s mind was always erotic, for both Naruto and his mother were attractive and, as a couple, Tsunade thought they looked beautiful together. Whilst Naruto seemed the type funnily enough to want older woman. Jiraiya had actually mentioned it once. Even at nearly forty, Kushina was still ravishing, and Tsunade often felt a bit jealous of her red headed friend’s beauty, especially at how well her statuesque figure had held up after all these years.

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Title: Matchmaker. Pairing: Naruto (son) x Kushina (mother). Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters. Another Naruto/ Kushina. X “Oh come on.

I read my first piece of fanfiction at the age of fifteen. It was a thirty-chapter fic based in the Rizzoli and Isles universe. Rizzoli and Isles was a TV show that followed the friendship between a cop Rizzoli and a medical examiner Isles. This is not the only example of a friendship being viewed as having queer undertones. The common trend among all these ships is that none of them came to fruition, which is where fanfiction steps in. Make no mistake, fanfiction is also written about heterosexual couples.

However, it is particularly popular amongst queer fandoms. Fanfiction is often considered a space in which both reader and writer can safely explore their sexuality and gender identity. Fanfiction communities are also strong support systems — by commenting on stories and encouraging writers, one can find people with similar interests from around the world. It is also easier to connect with people who have a deep understanding of your struggles as a queer individual because they have found themselves in similar circumstances.

Fanfiction is often considered empowering because it does not impose any restrictions on its writers.

Sokeefe Fanfic (;

Sophie stared at the red screen. Juji and Brisa nodded. Sophie looked at both of them, her emotions out of control.

This fanfiction site focuses on Trek Voyager with a J C bias and Stargate SG 1 S J novel Xanadu its D V sequel Return to Xanadu and the action packed comedy.

Hermione Granger was sitting in the Room of Requirement which had taken the shape of a library. She would have used the normal school library but, it appeared that every seventh year seemed to have taken up residence there. It just wouldn’t do when there were giggling teenagers around while she was trying to study for her N. So, there she was, sitting at a small desk with all types of books surrounding her while she studied for her Ancient Runes exam. After all, exams were only two weeks away and time was a precious commodity at the moment.

She found her mind begin to wander as she tried to finish a sentence about the history of a Rune symbol, which signalled to Hermione that it was time to take a break. She glanced at her watch to find that dinner would just be starting and food was just the thing she needed to sharpen her mind up again. She hastily placed a highlighting charm on her sentence that she couldn’t finish:. It is a great source of magic for friends and family. There, that was all she needed to remember where she’d left off.

She slammed the book shut as the sentence played over her mind in a flurry, like every other fact did when she was studying. It would soon find its place in her mind and would have another one whizzing around.

Counterstrike GO: Full Matchmaking #142

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